Expert Closet’s range of high quality accessories personalize and enhance your closet and storage systems. We offer a large selection of accessories in a variety of finishes suitable for organizational needs for closets, home offices and kitchens.

Tie racks, shoe racks and shelving, belt racks, jewelry trays, valet trays, pull-out ironing boards, slide-out craft and spice drawers, wine racks, pant racks, slide-out metal bins and more are the finishing touches that will personalize your closet.

Keep trouser pleats razor sharp and save yourself the trouble of clips and hangers by including a metal or wooden pants rack in your well-organized closet.

See and select your shoes easily no matter how many you have. Shelves can be fashioned to display your shoes on a slant with attractive shoe fence options, or they may also be kept flat for better space efficiency.

Keep ties organized and tucked away when not needed. Eas.y to attach and simple to use, this rack features straight pegs and can also be used for necklace storage

Now you can have a full-length mirror in your closet even with limited space.

Organize jewelry and accessories with velvet lined trays that offer scratch-resistant storage.

A chrome pull out wire basket is a great solution for storing clothing, games, toys, and miscellaneous items.

A pull out chrome wine rack is the perfect solution to storing wine. Keep wine easily accessible with a full extension wine drawer.

Organize craft items or jewelry in pull out organizer drawers that contain clear dividers.

This convenient pop up ironing board is perfect for touch-up jobs, the 37” wide fold-out ironing board swivels 180 degrees with seven preset positions.

Acrylic shoe storage systems feature easy access and visibility with many custom sizes and configurations to suit your storage needs.

Chrome wire pull out spice racks make it convenient to keep them in reach and organized.