A well designed and functional walk in closet will add more than organization. It will add value to your home!

A walk in closet  is a practical and luxurious solution to a cramped wardrobe and the frustration that comes along with it. Storage space is always a challenge in today’s home. We continue to accumulate possessions while our home’s floor area remains unchanged. While both men and women ordinarily keep their clothes inside reach-in closets,  some people tend to need more space to accommodate and organize their clothes, bags and accessories. A walk-in closet solves this problem. You can maximize the space with many options while keeping your wardrobe clutter out of sight.

walkin closet with shoe shelves and metal basket drawers

Our stylish, yet functional walk in closets are the perfect solution to storing and organizing clothing, shoes and accessories . They are available in a variety of colors, styles, fittings and accessories and are customized to your personal requirements.

Expert Closet walk in closets are:

  • Spacious
  • Practical
  • Easily accessible
  • Adjustable
  • Custom made
  • Personalized with accessories
master bedroom walkin in closet

At Expert Closets, we work with our customers to make sure that they get the functionality they need. Whether you require shelving, drawers or hanging space for shoes, clothes or luggage, Expert Closets has the expertise to devise an entire wardrobe system based on your lifestyle.

Call Expert Closets today at 508-778-6656 for a free consultation and learn how we can create a custom designed walk-in closet for your wardrobe and accessories!

Our free service includes complete 3D drawings of your project and we can typically install an entire house of closets in 1 day!